6 basic tips for good infant nutrition

6 basic tips for good infant nutrition

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In recent years, cases of childhood obesity have grown alarmingly. This growth of childhood overweight and obesity shows that we are making a mistake in infant feeding.

This is causing us to have children weighing more than recommended and suffering from inappropriate diseases of this age (more children with diabetes, more children with high cholesterol levels ...). Many countries have already had to intervene at the public health level, with various strategies to avoid this increase in childhood obesity and have a healthier population.

Offering children a balanced and varied diet, which is also pleasant and fun for them, is possible and does not have to be a great difficulty for families. And how do we know if we are offering children a correct diet? In summary, a balanced diet is based on:

1 - Make 4 or 5 meals a day.
2 - A complete breakfast, consisting of: dairy products, cereals and fruit.
3 - A good distribution of food throughout the week.
4 - Both lunch and dinner must contain: foods from the group of vegetables, foods from the group of cereals, tubers and legumes, protein foods and for dessert, fruit or dairy.
5 - The best and most appropriate drink will be water.
6 - Avoid industrial bakery foods, candies, cakes ...

To provide adequate nutrition for children, we must detect eating errors first at home and at school, and change them for healthy habits. With a small weekly change in children's eating habits we can achieve great long-term achievements. Little by little, these changes will become part of your routine in your daily diet and thus little by little we will arrive at a correct diet.

If you still do not know how to make a healthy weekly children's menu that prevents childhood obesity, here is an example of a weekly menu for a balanced diet, whose objective is to prevent obesity and overweight in children.

You can print the full menu here:

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